TPL Media Group


Delivering innovation, service excellence and value

TPL Media remains at its core an independent marketing data company. From our roots in customer acquisition data, TPL Media is now part of the TPL Media Group, a dynamic and versatile media Group, active in the provision of a wide range of marketing services. Strong commitment and continuous investments in innovation have ensured technological and marketing leadership to the Group’s companies.

Generating New Revenue Through Targeted Telemarketing

With TPL Media’s heritage in telephone lead generation it should be no surprise that we understand our clients’ target customers, and work with them to deliver their sales goals through outbound telemarketing and telesales. Our Group telemarketing teams work with our clients to fine tune sales processes focusing on driving conversion. We have call centres onshore and offshore, data and analytics, and a proven track record of delivering results. Out teams are experienced at customer acquisition, sales campaigns, revenue generation, order taking and order processing across many sectors.

Keeping customers engaged

Customer engagement is key to driving customer advocacy and loyalty. Whether the interaction is an inbound call or an outbound cross and upsell campaign, every contact is an opportunity to nurture your client base and grow customer value.

Respondez is a TPL Media Group multi-lingual customer support agency, who work with several clients to expand their resource and quality of engagement with their customer base. They have implemented many customer service programs, which have also delivered incremental sales and revenue.

Respondez is experienced at ‘win back’ campaigns, live chat and web chat, inbound customer care and answering services and social media management across many consumer sectors.

TPL Media’s data and analytics support enables Respondez to aggregate and analyse information fast, to create smarter campaigns and better customer engagement.

Saving time, money and hassle

When you come to TPL Media for postal data, we are pleased to also help with our solution to get your campaign printed, packaged up and posted out the door too.

Respondez, a TPL Media Group company provides an ISO certified document management solution that complements their customer support services. They offer a range of print production and direct mail fulfilment services from a one-off mail out, to regular, targeted campaigns, including:

  • Data bureau and data management services – data cleansing, data enhancements and personalisation
  • Design and creative
  • Enclosing – complicated or short-run requirements
  • Printing
  • Postage

Single view of the UK

If you are looking to reach a larger audience, we will augment our solution with Resident, a fully permissioned consumer data universe managed by our Group company Lloyd James Media.

Resident is built using traditional and digital datasets to create a highly targeted, fully permissioned and GDPR compliant consumer database. Resident offers access to multiple channels enabling integrated campaigns across offline and digital channels.

Resident has been developed using complex algorithms to drive confidence and accuracy scoring to specifically enhance planning capability across multiple channels and increase marketable opportunity.

Responsive and versatile

Through our Group company Lloyd James Media, we can help you reach new customers via some of the UK’s leading consumer brands through our relational media solutions.

Many successful publications or mailings generate extra revenue by carrying third-party inserts or advertising space. By understanding the profile of your customers, we will help you find the right channel with your target audience.

The benefits of using direct mail inserts:

  • Consumers are predisposed to buy something just after they’ve bought something else
  • It is less expensive than with a solo mailing
  • You can target your message to proven buyers of specific products and services

We have a wide range of relational media including 3rd party inserts, product despatch, home addressed mailings and digital customer interactions. Our portfolio includes some great brands including Ticketmaster, TicketWeb, The Ticket Factory, Homebase, Capital Radio, Heart, Jean Patrique, Harrogate House and Premier Offers. Benefit from our experience and let us help you find the best solution.