Telephone Data


Telephone Data

Telemarketing delivers a strong ROI

Telemarketing is one of the most cost-effective way of selling your products and services or setting up appointments with potential customers. In an increasingly digital world, the human touch still has a role to play. Telemarketing gives your business the opportunity to connect directly with consumers.

Through Absolute UK, you can identify potential customers who are likely to buy your product/service. The foundation of a successful telemarketing campaign is valid, accurate data. TPL Media delivers telephone data that is up to date, to avoid wasted calls.

Our data is continually refreshed allowing you to be confident in the audience you choose to target. TPL Media runs an active re-survey programme on the telephone and Absolute UK is validated against various sources including the Edited Electoral Register and partners who provision data for address validation. Commercially available suppressions and telephone number validation can also be applied at point of delivery.

TPL Media holds its own TPS license and the Absolute UK database is screened at least every 28 days, or upon a new update being made available by the TPS.

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